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  • 02:00AM
    Muppet Babies E18 Now
  • 03:00AM
    Puppy Dog Pals E5
  • 04:00AM
    Elena Of Avalor E17
  • 05:00AM
    Doc Mcstuffins E65
  • 06:00AM
    Sofia The First E50 -A Tale Of Two Teams
  • 06:24AM
    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse E42 -Mickey's Comet
  • 06:50AM
    Bluey E60 -Bingo
  • 07:00AM
    Pj Masks E78 -Master Of The Moat/ Pj Robot Vs Romeo
  • 07:24AM
    Puppy Dog Pals E12
  • 07:48AM
    Doc Mcstuffins E139 -Nurse's Office
  • 08:00AM
    Muppet Babies E47 -Lone Eagle/ The Fellowship Of The Rainbow Yo-Yo
  • 08:25AM
    The Rocketeer E2
  • 08:48AM
    Mira, Royal Detective E10 -The Case Of The Vanishing Vessels
  • 09:00AM
    Remy & Boo E9
  • 09:30AM
    Fancy Nancy Clancy E36 -Goodbye, Dolly!/ Nancy's Soccer Encore
  • 10:00AM
    Bluey E61
  • 10:30AM
    Elena Of Avalor E5 -Spellbound
  • 11:00AM
    Doc Mcstuffins E125 -Baby: Adventures In Baby Land
  • 11:30AM
    Puppy Dog Pals E64
  • 12:00PM
    Mira, Royal Detective E9
  • 12:24PM
    Gigantosaurus E6
  • 12:48PM
    Remy & Boo E9 -The Voice
  • 01:00PM
    Vampirina E49
  • 01:30PM
    The Rocketeer E41
  • 01:54PM
    T.O.T.S. E1
  • 02:30PM
    Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures E73 -Mickey's Roommate/ Minnie's Bow-Tel!
  • 02:55PM
    Fancy Nancy Clancy E17
  • 03:20PM
    Remy & Boo E9
  • 03:45PM
    Fancy Nancy Clancy E36 -Goodbye, Dolly!/ Nancy's Soccer Encore
  • 04:10PM
    Mira, Royal Detective E21 -The Mongoose Cousin Mystery
  • 04:25PM
    Elena Of Avalor E71 -Giant Steps
  • 04:48PM
    Doc Mcstuffins: Toy Hospital E215 -On A Roll!
  • 05:00PM
    Pj Masks S2E81 -Who Let The Moths In?/ Commander Meow
  • 05:25PM
    Vampirina E13
  • 05:50PM
    Remy & Boo E10 -Boo And Cutesu
  • 06:00PM
    T.O.T.S. E20
  • 06:24PM
    Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures E64 -Campy Camper Day!/ Founder's Day Flounder!
  • 06:48PM
    Muppet Babies E34 -A Backyard Divided
  • 07:00PM
    Puppy Dog Pals E81
  • 07:25PM
    The Rocketeer E27
  • 07:50PM
    Bluey E6 -Fruit Bat
  • 08:00PM
    Remy & Boo E9
  • 08:25PM
    Fancy Nancy Clancy E36 -Goodbye, Dolly!/ Nancy's Soccer Encore
  • 08:48PM
    Vampirina E64 -Gregoria Takes Flight
  • 09:00PM
    Mickey Mouse Roadster Racers E36 -Phantom Of The Cafe/ Cuckoo In Paris
  • 09:24PM
    Sofia The First E81 -The Bamboo Kite
  • 09:48PM
    Mira, Royal Detective E1 -The Case Of The Royal Scarf
  • 10:00PM
    Elena Of Avalor E44 -The Tides Of Change
  • 10:24PM
    Bluey E56
  • 10:48PM
    Puppy Dog Pals E151 -Search And Rescue
  • 11:00PM
    Gigantosaurus E16
  • 11:24PM
    Pj Masks S2E31
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