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Nick Jr.
CH 449
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  • 03:50PM
    Baby Shark's Big Show! S1E105 -Legendary Loot Now
  • 04:05PM
    Bubble Guppies S5E512 -Ninja Season!
  • 04:25PM
    Bubble Guppies S5E513 -Super Baby!
  • 04:52PM
    Peppa Pig S4E423 -Pottery
  • 04:56PM
    Peppa Pig S4E424 -Paper Aeroplanes
  • 05:02PM
    Peppa Pig S5E501 -Potato City
  • 05:05PM
    Peppa Pig S5E502 -The New House
  • 05:10PM
    Anna & Friends S1E133 -Froga's Choice
  • 05:20PM
    Anna & Friends S1E134 -The Great Friendship Show
  • 05:25PM
    Barbapapa - One Big Happy Family! S1E120 -Relay Tales
  • 05:40PM
    Barbapapa - One Big Happy Family! S1E113 -The Perfect Dinner / The Kittens
  • 06:00PM
    Blue's Clues & You S1E103 -Playdate With Magenta
  • 06:20PM
    Blaze And The Monster Machines S2E220 -The Wishing Wheel
  • 06:45PM
    Paw Patrol S8E814 -Pups Vs. Ouchy Paws / Pups Save A Glow-In-The-Dark Party
  • 07:05PM
    Paw Patrol S5E505 -Pups Save An Extreme Lunch / Pups Save A Cat Burglar
  • 07:30PM
    Deer Squad S1E104 -Kai Express / Ducknado
  • 07:53PM
    Deer Squad S1E105 -I Scream
  • 08:05PM
    The Adventures Of Paddington S2E207 -Paddington And The Big Decision / Paddington's Beach Stowaway
  • 08:25PM
    The Adventures Of Paddington S2E208 -Paddington And The Caterpillar / The Floor Is Lava
  • 08:47PM
    Peppa Pig S2E242 -Granny And Granpa's Attic
  • 08:52PM
    Peppa Pig S3E303 -Pedro's Cough
  • 08:57PM
    Peppa Pig S3E304 -The Library
  • 09:00PM
    Peppa Pig S3E305 -The Camper Van
  • 09:05PM
    Bubble Guppies S3E305 -The Police Cop-Etition!
  • 09:30PM
    Blue's Clues & You S2E215 -Blue's Big Neighborhood Adventure
  • 09:50PM
    Blue's Clues & You S2E216 -It's Your Birthday
  • 10:15PM
    Blaze And The Monster Machines S4E417 -Royal Rescue
  • 10:35PM
    Santiago Of The Seas S1E101 -The Legend Of Capitan Calavera
  • 11:00PM
    Baby Shark's Big Show! S1E107 -Detective Baby Shark
  • 11:10PM
    Paw Patrol S8E814 -Pups Vs. Ouchy Paws / Pups Save A Glow-In-The-Dark Party
  • 11:35PM
    The Adventures Of Paddington S2E206 -Paddington And The Vegetable Thief / Paddington Takes To The Ice
  • 11:56PM
    Peppa Pig S6E603 -Perfume
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