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  • 02:30AM
    Big Hero 6 The Series E29 -Something's Fishy Now
  • 02:50AM
    Brandy & Mr. Whiskers E17 -Dear Diary
  • 03:05AM
    101 Dalmatian Street E4 -Winter Funderland/Snow Day
  • 03:30AM
    Twhk/System Maintenance
  • 04:30AM
    Belle's Magical World E1
  • 06:00AM
    Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja E21 -Mcsatchle/Fart-Topia
  • 06:25AM
    Yin Yang Yo! E19 -The Gig Is Up/Doomed To Repeat It
  • 06:50AM
    Yin Yang Yo! E20 -Family Day/The Hex Of The Ex
  • 07:15AM
    Stitch! E51 -Experiment Zero
  • 07:37AM
    Stitch! E52 -New Town
  • 08:00AM
    My Friends Tigger & Pooh E3 -Eeyore's Tale Of The Missing Tail/Pooh, Light Up My Life
  • 08:20AM
    Goldie & Bear E44 -Tagalong Troll
  • 08:35AM
    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse E37 -Daisy's Pet Project
  • 09:00AM
    Sheriff Callie's Wild West E13 -Here Comes The Sun/Bug Trouble
  • 09:20AM
    Jojo's Circus E34 -Shoo Fly Shoo!
  • 09:35AM
    Miles From Tomorrowland E34 -Galloping Groundshakers/Galactech: March Of The Robo-Penguins
  • 10:00AM
    Puppy Dog Pals E11 -The Great Pug-Scape/Luck Of The Pug-Ish
  • 10:25AM
    Vampirina E29 -The Big Bite/Ghost Hosts
  • 10:50AM
    Mickey Mouse Roadster Racers E22 -Billy Beagle's Tip-Top Garage/Diner Dog Rescue
  • 11:15AM
    The Lion Guard E38 -Rescue In The Outlands
  • 11:40AM
    Puppy Dog Pals E34 -Windy City/Sham-Pooch
  • 12:00PM
    Jake And The Never Land Pirates E21 -The Sword And The Stone/Jake's Home Run!
  • 12:25PM
    Jake And The Never Land Pirates E22 -It's A Winter Never Land!/Hook On Ice!
  • 01:00PM
    The Emperor's New School E36 -Aw, Nuts!/Curse Of The Moon Beast
  • 01:22PM
    The Emperor's New School E37 -Come Fly With Me/Project Poncho
  • 01:45PM
    Elena Of Avalor E3 -All Heated Up
  • 02:10PM
    The Replacements E38 -You Got Schooled
  • 02:35PM
    The Replacements E39 -Puzzle Me Daring
  • 03:00PM
    Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja E21 -Mcsatchle/Fart-Topia
  • 03:25PM
    Yin Yang Yo! E19 -The Gig Is Up/Doomed To Repeat It
  • 03:50PM
    Yin Yang Yo! E20 -Family Day/The Hex Of The Ex
  • 04:15PM
    Stitch! E51 -Experiment Zero
  • 04:37PM
    Stitch! E52 -New Town
  • 05:00PM
    The 7D E18 -Big Bad Sneezy/Cat On A Hot Grim Roof
  • 05:22PM
    The 7D E19 -The Very Important Thingy/Leaf It To Sneezy
  • 05:45PM
    Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero E20 -Larry Manor
  • 06:00PM
    Phineas And Ferb E56 -The Secret Of Success/The Doof Side Of The Moon
  • 06:30PM
    Phineas And Ferb E57 -She's The Mayor/The Lemonade Stand
  • 07:00PM
    Big Hero 6 The Series E1 -Fred's Bro-Tillion
  • 07:25PM
    Mickey Mouse Shorts E14 -Sleepwalkin'
  • 07:30PM
    Milo Murphy's Law E33 -Abducting Murphy's Law
  • 07:55PM
    Big City Greens E28 -Homeshare Hoedown
  • 08:10PM
    Phineas And Ferb E108 -Primal Perry (Part 1 And 2)
  • 08:35PM
    The Replacements E21 -London Calling (Part 1 And 2)
  • 09:00PM
    Elena Of Avalor E30 -Three Jaquins And A Princess
  • 09:25PM
    Tangled: The Series E15 -Big Brothers Of Corona
  • 09:50PM
    Fish Hooks E55 -Bea Sneaks Out
  • 10:00PM
    Shake It Up E57 -Home Alone It Up
  • 10:30PM
    Lab Rats E58 -Brother Battle
  • 11:00PM
    The Suite Life On Deck E46 -Once Upon A Suite Life
  • 11:30PM
    The Suite Life On Deck E47 -Mean Chicks
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