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  • 02:10PM
    American Dragon: Jake Long E20 -The Hunted Now
  • 02:32PM
    American Dragon: Jake Long E21 -Hong Kong Nights
  • 03:00PM
    101 Dalmatian Street E21 -Balancing Act/Dawkins Strikes Back
  • 03:25PM
    Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil E4 -Knocked Out/Not Without My Cereal
  • 03:47PM
    Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil E5 -Kicked Out/Kick The Habit
  • 04:15PM
    Elena Of Avalor E23 -The Gecko's Tale
  • 04:37PM
    Elena Of Avalor E24 -Masks Of Magic
  • 05:00PM
    The 7D E36 -Smarty Tooth/Surely, You Jest
  • 05:23PM
    The 7D E37 -Hop To It, Dopey!/What Are You, Five?
  • 05:47PM
    Yin Yang Yo! E21 -The High She-As
  • 06:00PM
    Phineas And Ferb E31 -Don't Even Blink/Chez Platypus
  • 06:23PM
    Phineas And Ferb E32 -Perry Lays An Egg/Gaming The System
  • 06:47PM
    Milo Murphy's Law E20 -The Math Book
  • 07:00PM
    Big City Greens E16 -Cricket's Shoes/Feud Fight
  • 07:23PM
    Amphibia E16 -Family Shrub
  • 07:36PM
    Big Hero 6 The Series E18 -Obake Yashiki
  • 08:00PM
    Sofia The First E41 -The Princess Stays In The Picture
  • 08:23PM
    Elena Of Avalor E44 -The Tides Of Change
  • 08:46PM
    Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil E68 -Rest In Pudding
  • 09:00PM
    Wizards Of Waverly Place E31 -Baby Cupid
  • 09:23PM
    Wizards Of Waverly Place E32 -Make It Happen
  • 09:45PM
    Fish Hooks E16 -The Tale Of Sir Oscar Fish
  • 10:00PM
    Raven's Home E47 -Crewed Up
  • 10:30PM
    Lab Rats E23 -Speed Trapped
  • 11:00PM
    Violetta E79 -吻別
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