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Da Vinci
CH 460
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  • 03:05AM
    Did You Know? -When Science Revolutionises the Show Now
  • 03:35AM
    Hubble's Canvas -Painted by Light & Masterpiece
  • 04:05AM
    Future Human AI -The Future of Homo Sapiens
  • 04:50AM
    Did You Know Clips -Surviving in a City
  • 05:05AM
    Did You Know? -Our nasty little flaws decrypted by science!
  • 05:30AM
    Did You Know? -Body, animals, writing: languages deciphered by science!
  • 06:00AM
    Did You Know? -Curiosity and appetite for risk
  • 06:30AM
    Did You Know? -Everyday life with Cro-Magnon Man
  • 07:00AM
    Artzooka -Smashable Dinosaur Egg
  • 07:30AM
    Look Kool -Musical Cylinders
  • 08:00AM
    Science Max -Loudest Sound
  • 08:30AM
    Siesta Z -Journey to the Centre of the Earth
  • 08:45AM
    Siesta Z -Heart of Darkness
  • 09:00AM
    Mind Blowing Breakthroughs -Santos Dumont, the Wright Brothers and the Dream of Flying
  • 09:30AM
    Make Me a Super -Super Senses and Super Cameras
  • 10:00AM
    GEOlino -India - Hair for the Gods
  • 10:15AM
    GEOlino -On the Road with Moscow's Circus School
  • 10:30AM
    Xploration DIY SCI -Electricity
  • 10:50AM
    Who's There? -New Zealand
  • 11:00AM
    Did You Know? -Revolutionary innovations for everyday life
  • 11:30AM
    Operation Ouch! -Laugh Medicine and the Tendon Flex
  • 12:00PM
    When I Grow Up -Motion Caption Manager
  • 12:10PM
    When I Grow Up -Ice Cream Maker
  • 12:20PM
    Did You Know Clips -How to Fee Llike a Fish in Water
  • 12:30PM
    Siesta Z -Oedipus, King by Sophocles
  • 12:45PM
    Siesta Z -The Iliad by Homer
  • 01:00PM
    Mind Blowing Breakthroughs -Isaac Newton and the Forces of the Universe
  • 01:30PM
    Make Me a Super -Weaving Webs With Spider Power
  • 02:00PM
    GEOlino -Jenny and Her Flying Foxes
  • 02:15PM
    GEOlino -India's Jungle Book Hospital
  • 02:30PM
    Xploration DIY SCI -Color Science
  • 02:50PM
    Who's There? -Ukraine
  • 03:00PM
    Did You Know? -The science of travel
  • 03:30PM
    One Stop Science Shop -The Periodic Table
  • 03:45PM
    One Stop Science Shop -Micro Mycology
  • 04:00PM
    Sports Lab -Baseball
  • 04:10PM
    Sports Lab -Skateboarding
  • 04:20PM
    Infotoy -Portable Video Games
  • 04:30PM
    Xploration DIY SCI -Magnets
  • 05:00PM
    Mind Blowing Breakthroughs -Louis Pasteur and the Hidden Universe of Microorganisms
  • 05:30PM
    Make Me a Super -Crazy Strong Muscle Power
  • 06:00PM
    GEOlino -Lamu - The Donkey Island
  • 06:15PM
    GEOlino -Wales - The World Championship of Sheepdogs
  • 06:30PM
    Xploration DIY SCI -Hardware
  • 06:50PM
    Who's There? -Switzerland
  • 07:00PM
    Thomas Edison's Secret Lab -Zero Chemistry & Freaky Furry
  • 07:30PM
    Sports Lab -Cricket
  • 07:40PM
    Sports Lab -Tennis
  • 07:50PM
    Infotoy -Yo-Yo
  • 08:00PM
    Siesta Z -Macbeth by William Shakespeare
  • 08:15PM
    Siesta Z -Gulliver's Travels, a Travel to Lilliput by Jonathan Swift
  • 08:30PM
    Operation Ouch! -Out of the Corner of my Eye
  • 09:00PM
    Teenage Boss -Vasanth
  • 09:30PM
    Did You Know? -Sugar: what science really says!
  • 10:00PM
    Catalyst -The Intelligence of Twins
  • 10:55PM
    Did You Know Clips -From the forge to the factory: the history of knives
  • 11:05PM
    Last Chance to See -Kakapo
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