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CH 223
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  • 09:30AM
    Presidents At War S1E1 -A Call To Valor Now
  • 11:20AM
    Head To Head E3 -David Beckham Vs Gareth Bale
  • 11:45AM
    Head To Head E1 -Pele Vs Diego Maradona
  • 12:15PM
    The Curse Of Oak Island S7E7 -Closing In
  • 01:10PM
    Kings Of Pain E5 -Point Of The Dead
  • 02:05PM
    Storage Wars S11E256 -Cloudy With A Chance Of Profit
  • 02:35PM
    Forged In Fire S5E25 -Tournament Round 3
  • 03:25PM
    Special Forces S1E1 -Malaysia Ggk
  • 04:25PM
    Pawn Stars S19E507 -In The Presence Of Greatness
  • 04:50PM
    Knowledge Of Meal E7 -Jajangmyeon
  • 06:15PM
    Eating History E9 -Leave It To Beaver Tail
  • 06:40PM
    Eating History E10 -Flavour Explosion
  • 07:10PM
    Lost Gold Of World War II S2E5 -The Backdoor
  • 08:05PM
    Swamp People S11E1 -Raging Bulls
  • 09:00PM
    Swamp People: Serpent Invasion E1 -Man Vs. Snake
  • 09:55PM
    The Curse Of Oak Island S7E7 -Closing In
  • 10:50PM
    The Curse Of Civil War Gold S1E5 -Overboard
  • 11:45PM
    Monster Motor Challenge S2E9 -Military Might
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