Food Lore (Full Ver) S1
Food Lore (Full Ver) S1
Food Lore (Full Ver) S1
FOOD LORE is an eight-episode hour-long anthology series that explores the human condition with narratives inspired by and showcased through the perspectives of Asian cuisines, weaving tales of the tastes and aromas that have filled the Asian souls - tales of longing and forbidden passion, of connection and loss, of childhood memory. More
Dec 31 2020
Erik Matti, Phan Dang Di , Billy Christian, Don Aravind
48 Minutes
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  • Food Lore S1E8 -Stray Dogs
    Stray Dogs

    An unlikely friendship forms when an ambitious businessman convinces a chef to start a restaurant franchise with him ...

    Ends Dec 31 2020
  • Food Lore S1E7 -Life In A Box
    Life In A Box

    The lonely paths of a widower, wrestler and an author intersect on a quiet train ride from busy Tokyo as they embark ...

    Ends Dec 31 2020
  • Food Lore S1E6 -Tamarind

    When a French chef who is new in Singapore crosses paths with a Malay hawker, a friendship forms as they navigate ...

    Ends Dec 31 2020
  • Food Lore S1E5 -The Caterer
    The Caterer

    An American actor arrives in Thailand and his disdain towards Thai cuisine and culture shows. Everything changes ...

    Ends Dec 31 2020
  • Food Lore S1E4 -A Plate Of Moon
    A Plate Of Moon

    Amidst their differences, a young domestic helper from India embarks on a journey of food, love and memories with her el

    Ends Dec 31 2020
  • Food Lore S1E3 -Maria\'s Secret Recipe
    Maria's Secret Recipe

    A mysterious woman arrives at a small traditional Indonesian village and causes a stir amongst the islanders with her se

    Ends Dec 31 2020
  • Food Lore S1E2 -He Serves Fish, She Eats Flower
    He Serves Fish, She Eats Flower

    A chef and a stewardess enter a whirlwind romance in Ho Chi Minh City but soon discover their irreconcilable differences

    Ends Dec 31 2020
  • Food Lore S1E1 -Island Of Dreams
    Island Of Dreams

    Dreaming of a brighter future for her family, a mother who works as a domestic helper in Manila returns home to confront

    Ends Dec 31 2020