The Vet Life S3
The Vet Life S3
The Vet Life S3
The Doctors must support one another more than ever before as unexpected events challenge and inspire them. The season premiere follows the Cy-Fair Animal Hospital reopening after being closed due to Hurricane Harvey. The vets work around the clock to save animals and aid family and staff that have lost everything. More
Feb 02 2020
60 Minutes
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  • The Vet Life S3E6 -Hog House Call
    Hog House Call

    Dr. Blue has a hog house call, and Dr. Lavigne has concerns over his vet tech assisting with an operation on her own dog

    Ends Feb 02 2020
  • The Vet Life S3E5 -A Boy Who Spayed Wolf
    A Boy Who Spayed Wolf

    After a howling fun father-son trip with his boys, Dr. Blue recruits Dr. Ross to tackle two wolf spays at a local sanctu

    Ends Jan 18 2020
  • The Vet Life S3E4 -A Tale of Two Tails
    A Tale of Two Tails

    Dr. Blue has a crisis on his hands with a dog that has chewed off her own tail, while Dr. Ross treats a reptile that mig

    Ends Jan 11 2020
  • The Vet Life S3E3 -16-Pound Tumor
    16-Pound Tumor

    Dr. Lavigne performs a risky surgery on a loving pit bull with a record-breaking tumor. The doctors deal with a heartbre

    Ends Jan 25 2020
  • The Vet Life S3E2 -Pomeranian Plot Twist
    Pomeranian Plot Twist

    Dr. Lavigne sees a surprise on an X-ray of one of his favorite patients, while Dr. Blue has his hands full with a former

    Ends Jan 04 2020
  • The Vet Life S3E1 -The Pig Whisperers
    The Pig Whisperers

    Dr. Ross takes on an aggressive ferret, and the vets test out their pig whispering skills at an animal rescue. The docto

    Ends Dec 28 2019