It Feels So Good
It Feels So Good
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It Feels So Good
Naoko, who is getting married, reunites with ex-lover Kenji. Memories of their lust-filled days come flooding back... Naoko is ten days away from getting married when she reunites with her former lover Kenji, who’s divorced and returned to their hometown of Akita, a northern city of Japan. She’d just been going through her things to get ready for her new life, and found an old photo album. She takes out a photograph to show Kenji. It’s a black and white photo of the two of them, complete naked, in front of a giant poster of the rim of Mt. Fuji’s caldera. The memories of the lust-filled days of their youth come flooding back to them, and the two former lovers, who are also cousins, start having sexual relationship again- just for five days before Naoko’s fiancé returns. More
31 Mar 2021
Chi/ Eng
110 Minutes
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