Like Father Like Son
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Like Father Like Son
Ryota and his wife live in a perfect modern house and have a l6-year-old boy. Then the hospital sends the news that… A go-getting salary man Ryota Nonomiya (Fukuyama Masaharu) and his sleek wife Midori Nonomiya (Ono Machiko) live in a perfect modern house and have a little 6-year-old boy –their only child – whom they push hard educationally. Then the hospital sends the devastating news that their baby was mixed up six years ago with the child now being raised by another family, with other siblings: Yudai Saiki (Lily Franky), an amiable semi-slob who works behind the counter of a shop and his sensible wife Yukari Saiki (Maki Yoko). The slow, agonizing diplomatic process of meetings between the families begins, and Ryota hires a hotshot lawyer, ostensibly so that all four can unite to sue the hospital. But arrogant Ryota has an awful secret plan: snobbishly aghast at where his biological boy is being raised, and unwilling to relinquish the one he has naturally come to love, he is scheming somehow to prove legally that Yudai and Yukari are unfit parents so that he can take legal charge of both boys – or More
30 Jun 2020
Chi/ Eng
116 Minutes
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