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  • 03:30AM
    Sunday Worship -詹嘉灝牧師-毅行者 LIVE
  • 04:30AM
    Tme Life Handbook -Marriage
  • 05:00AM
    Sunday Worship -林誠信牧師-基督群體生活的再思
  • 06:00AM
    Good Morning With God
  • 08:00AM
    Music In Love
  • 08:30AM
    Sc -蔡錦圖博士-小先知書的大意義
  • 09:00AM
    Practical Tips On How To Live Out The Bible
  • 09:30AM
    Sc -Rev. Tong Liu - A Life Of Victory
  • 10:00AM
    Rev. Billy Graham Special
  • 10:30AM
    'Family' A Sermon By Rev. Kim Nam Jun
  • 11:30AM
    Grandma Joy's Tea Room
  • 12:00PM
    Jesus Jesus I Love You
  • 12:30PM
    Walking With Me
  • 01:30PM
    My Day After Tomorrow
  • 02:00PM
    Stream Of Praise Session
  • 02:30PM
    Rabbi's Classroom
  • 03:30PM
    Ctv Biblical Characters In Genesis -聖經人物大全- 舊約創世記人物篇
  • 04:00PM
    'A Purpose Driven Life -Pushing Limits' , Testimony Of Darryl O'young
  • 04:30PM
    Sc -蔡錦圖博士-小先知書的大意義
  • 05:00PM
    Jesus Jesus I Love You
  • 05:30PM
    Spiritual Classroom By Rev. Donald Y. K. Lau -劉銳光牧師-羅馬書
  • 06:00PM
    Life In The World -Joyce Meyer
  • 06:30PM
    Music Eternity
  • 07:00PM
    Sweeter Than Honey
  • 07:30PM
    Sc -蘇穎睿牧師-信心之旅
  • 08:00PM
    Nothing Is Impossible II
  • 08:30PM
    Sc -孫雅各牧師-腓立比書
  • 09:00PM
    Special Program
  • 09:30PM
    Alvina Cookery
  • 10:00PM
    Hundred Thousand Testimonies
  • 10:30PM
    Grandma Joy's Tea Room
  • 11:00PM
    Sc -詹嘉灝牧師-活出信仰
  • 11:30PM
    Maestro's Masterpiece
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