Service Notice

  • On Demand
    • 1. What on-demand services are provided by Now Player?

      Now Player provides many types of on-demand programming such as drama, entertainment, leisure, kids’ content, news/info, sports and movies. Please click here for a list of on-demand libraries.

    • 2. When will videos be uploaded to the Now Player website?

      Videos will be uploaded within 24 hours of their TV broadcast.

    • 3. When will videos be removed from Now Player?

      Off-shelf time varies from program to program. Please refer to the corresponding program detail page for the exact off-shelf date.

    • 4. Can I download videos from the Now Player website?

      No, you are not able to download video from the Now Player website.

    • 5. Why am I not able to watch Now Player on-demand while overseas?

      Some videos cannot be watched outside Hong Kong because of licensing issues.

  • Channel
    • 1. What live channels can I watch on Now Player?

      Now Player provides many types of live channels such as drama, entertainment, documentaries, kids’ content, news/info and sports. Please click here for a list of live channels.

    • 2. Why am I not able to watch Now Player’s live channels while overseas?

      Some channels cannot be watched outside Hong Kong because of licensing issues.

    • 3. Will Now Player’s live channels synchronize with those on TV? Are there any commercials?

      Now Player’s live channels synchronize with those on TV, though there may be 10 to 20 seconds’ latency from the Now Player website because of network connectivity issues. Commercials do appear on Now Player’s live channels, same as TV.

  • Subscription & Now ID
    • 1. Do I have to pay to watch live channels or on-demand videos on Now Player?

      Users are responsible for any data transmission costs incurred while using Now Player and connecting with Now Player service via the Internet or its website. Certain content is available only to Now TV customers subscribing to certain plans. Users may have to subscribe to the channel/package and pay a monthly fee to access content:

      • Now NEWS Channel (ch 332) and SPORTS Prime (ch 630) are free to watch in Hong Kong. It is not necessary to be a Now TV customer to watch this content and users are not required to login.

      • Now Direct (ch 331), Now Business News Channel (ch 333), Phoenix InfoNews Channel (ch 366), Phoenix HK Channel (ch 367), Phoenix Chinese Channel (ch 548) and Taoist TV (ch 550) are free to all Now TV subscribers who have bound their Now ID with a set-top box.

      • Now TV customers subscribing to designated channel/content with Now ID connected with a set-top box can watch most of the subscribed content on Now Player.

        Please click here for a list of on-demand libraries.

        Please click here for a list of live channels.

      • Please click here for Now ID registration and connection.

      Please note your access to any program, channel and/or content at the Now Player website can be terminated anytime without notice.

    • 2. Can I subscribe to TV channels via Now Player?

      Yes, you can subscribe to TV channels via Live Chat at the Now Player website.

    • 3. What is Now ID? What is a Now ID connection?

      Now ID is a login name that enhances your experience by making many interactive functions/services available.

      Existing Now TV subscribers can apply for Now ID for free.

      Certain content on Now Player requires a Now ID connection.

      You need to connect to Now ID with a TV decoder in order to enjoy Now TV service simultaneously on a computer.

      Please click here for a Now ID connection (if you already have a Now ID).

      Please click here for free Now ID registration.

  • Mature Content Lock
    • 1. What is Mature Content Lock? I have a family member under the age of 18. How do I restrict access to adult content?

      Mature Content Lock prevents children from watching unauthorized programs containing adult content. You must not allow any person under 18 years of age to view programs featuring adult content.

      Now Player locks programs containing adult content by default. You can unlock it by entering a Now ID password every time you want to watch such a program. Please secure your Now ID password and do not disclose it to anyone under 18 years of age.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • 1. What are the Now Player keyboard shortcuts?

      Double click/ press F: Activate full screen/ exit full screen.

      Press esc: Exit full screen.

      Press backspace: Exit player.

      Press 1/ left arrow: Backward 10 seconds.

      Press 2/ right arrow: Forward 10 seconds.

      Press 4: Backward 30 seconds.

      Press 5: Forward 30 seconds.

      Press 7: Backward 1 minute.

      Press 8: Forward 1 minute.

      Press 3/ space: Stop/play.

      Press 6: Toggle audio channels.

      Press -/ down arrow: Decrease volume.

      Press +/ up arrow: Increase volume.

  • Technical Requirement
    • 1. What are the basic requirements of my personal computer if I want to use Now Player?

      PC software requirements:

      Operating System / Browser Chrome version 68 or later Firefox version 62 or later Edge 12 Internet Explorer 11 Safari version 11 or later
      Windows 7
      Windows 8.1
      Windows 10
The browser you are using is not compatible with the Now Player website. Please click  here  for technical requirements.