Deadliest Catch S16
Deadliest Catch S16
Deadliest Catch S16
Deadliest Catch S16
After a record-breaking, heartbreaking season last year, the Emmy® award-winning DEADLIEST CATCH returns to Discovery Channel. Surrounded by death and a multitude of injuries these brave men struggle to return from man’s oldest journey alive. Bill goes to Russia and opens up a whole new world to the other side of the Bering Sea that we haven’t explored in the show before. More
Jul 24 2021
60 Minutes
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  • Deadliest Catch S16E20 -A Problem Like Maria
    A Problem Like Maria

    As the super snow-moon storm peaks, the Cornelia Marie’s deck becomes a gauntlet for Josh and a gree

    Ends Jul 24 2021
  • Deadliest Catch S16E19 -Rogue Wave Juggernaut
    Rogue Wave Juggernaut

    A rare weather event churns up some dangerous waves. Josh and Casey face a 55-foot monster, while Ja

    Ends Jul 17 2021
  • Deadliest Catch S16E18 -Like Father Like Daughter
    Like Father Like Daughter

    Sig and Mandy conspire to get Jake to do their prospecting, but he refuses to play along. Junior fea

    Ends Jul 10 2021
  • Deadliest Catch S16E17 -Danger Close
    Danger Close

    As seawater destroys his hydraulic motors, Junior attempts a risky high seas delivery of three new m

    Ends Jul 03 2021
  • Deadliest Catch S16E16 -Bering Sea Wrecking Ball
    Bering Sea Wrecking Ball

    Jake scrambles to repair a slack tank before it kills his crab or capsizes the Saga. Plus, Josh and Casey’s ru

    Ends Jun 26 2021
  • Deadliest Catch S16E15 -Gut Instinct
    Gut Instinct

    As Sig is troubled by an injury, Mandy takes the helm to face a disgruntled Northwestern crew. Plus, Josh and

    Ends Jun 19 2021
  • Deadliest Catch S16E14 -Bering Sea Crash
    Bering Sea Crash

    Battling exhaustion, Wild Bill’s crew face the full wrath of the bomb cyclone. A snapped tendon puts the Summe

    Ends Jun 12 2021
  • Deadliest Catch S16E13 -Bomb Cyclone
    Bomb Cyclone

    The Wizard catches fire in a violent storm known as a bomb cyclone. Meanwhile, Josh and Casey face 30-foot sea

    Ends Jun 05 2021
  • Deadliest Catch S16E12 -Dutch Harbor Double Cross
    Dutch Harbor Double Cross

    Trouble is brewing when Bill's backup block goes missing. Cornelia Marie skippers Josh and Casey navigate a te

    Ends May 29 2021
  • Deadliest Catch S16E11 -Chase Boat Rescue
    Chase Boat Rescue

    For the first time, Junior has to call on the chase boat to help rescue them. Plus, Josh and Casey hit a massi

    Ends May 22 2021
  • Deadliest Catch S16E10 -Harms Way
    Harms Way

    Facing a 500-mile wide Siberian storm, Josh takes a big risk to keep the Cornelia Marie crew safe. Junior lose

    Ends May 15 2021
  • Deadliest Catch S16E9 -Cold War Heating Up
    Cold War Heating Up

    As the crab biomass migrates across the Russian line, Josh and Casey dump 175 pots on the border. Meanwhile, J

    Ends May 08 2021
  • Deadliest Catch S16E8 -Mayday Mayday
    Mayday Mayday

    As winter slams the fleet, the Coast Guard responds to a Mayday call, as captains and crew brace for the loss

    Ends May 01 2021
  • Deadliest Catch S16E7 -Into The Red
    Into The Red

    Co-captains Jake and Johnathan try to join forces with rival Keith Colburn. Junior risks crossing into enemy w

    Ends Apr 30 2021
  • Deadliest Catch S16E6 -The Bleeding Edge
    The Bleeding Edge

    Johnathan goes under the knife at sea and Junior bets it all while chasing the elusive Golden King crab. Plus,

    Ends Apr 30 2021
  • Deadliest Catch S16E5 -Double Agent
    Double Agent

    The Cornelia Marie taps American satellites to spy on the Russians while Scott Campbell Jr. pioneers a long-do

    Ends Apr 30 2021
  • Deadliest Catch S16E4 -Shotguns And Fist Fights
    Shotguns And Fist Fights

    With the Russian menace looming, co-captains Johnathan and Jake blast a shotgun at their problems while a vici

    Ends Apr 30 2021
  • Deadliest Catch S16E3 -Breaking Point
    Breaking Point

    Still reeling from deadly typhoon Hagibis, the fleet claws its way back into competition against the Russians

    Ends Apr 30 2021
  • Deadliest Catch S16E2 -Typhoon Hagibis
    Typhoon Hagibis

    As the fleet begins its race against the Russians, ferocious typhoon Hagibis hits the Bering Sea. Captains mus

    Ends Apr 30 2021
  • Deadliest Catch S16E1 -Cold War Rivals
    Cold War Rivals

    A dramatic change in the Russian crab industry rocks global markets and sparks new competition. As crab prices

    Ends Apr 30 2021