Dance Moms S8
Dance Moms S8
Dance Moms S8
The new team members react to being chosen. Abby talks about second chances and how she’s a survivor. She arrives and welcomes everyone to the studio. It’s going to be a fresh start for everyone. More
Jan 15 2020
60 Minutes
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  • Dance Moms S8E14 -The Return Of Studio 19
    The Return Of Studio 19

    GiaNina and Sarah go head-to-head for their shot at dancing a solo at nationals while the team performs a group routine

    Ends Jan 15 2020
  • Dance Moms S8E13 -Abby\'s Audition
    Abby's Audition

    With Nationals quickly approaching, the moms lash out when Abby decides to hold an open call audition for a new team mem

    Ends Jan 15 2020
  • Dance Moms S8E12 -2 Jackets, 4 Dancers
    2 Jackets, 4 Dancers

    Abby challenges the team with a ballet group dance inspired by The Angry Birds Movie 2, casting GiaNina as the lead. Mic

    Ends Jan 15 2020
  • Dance Moms S8E11 -Hannah Unmasked
    Hannah Unmasked

    Hannah faces her biggest challenge yet when Abby assigns her the lead in the group dance. Abby’s treatment of Michelle t

    Ends Jan 08 2020
  • Dance Moms S8E10 -No More Mamma Drama
    No More Mamma Drama

    With only 6 weeks until nationals, the team has the worst record in ALDC history, and Abby is blaming the mothers. Abby

    Ends Jan 08 2020
  • Dance Moms S8E9 -Making A Splash In Pittsburgh
    Making A Splash In Pittsburgh

    Heading to her first competition in Pittsburgh since her return, Abby challenges the ALDC team with their most daring ro

    Ends Jan 08 2020
  • Dance Moms S8E8 -A Team On Trial
    A Team On Trial

    With a losing streak heavy on their shoulders, fighting between the girls puts the group dance in jeopardy.

    Ends Jan 01 2020
  • Dance Moms S8E7 -Yolanda\'s Back
    Yolanda's Back

    It’s hell week at the ALDC and Abby assigns the girls a group dance about sorority hazing.

    Ends Jan 01 2020
  • Dance Moms S8E6 -Lilly\'s Ultimatum
    Lilly's Ultimatum

    With Brady gone, Abby challenges the girls to prove that they can win on their own, and Lilly is given an unprecedented

    Ends Jan 01 2020
  • Dance Moms S8E5 -Queen Of The ALDC
    Queen Of The ALDC

    During pyramid, Abby lets the team know that she is sending Brady home after this week’s competition. Tricia does not re

    Ends Nov 25 2019
  • Dance Moms S8E4 -Choose Wisely
    Choose Wisely

    Abby thinks the kids make too many mistakes onstage. She goes over the previous week, excited that the group dance won o

    Ends Nov 25 2019
  • Dance Moms S8E3 -The Broadway Brat
    The Broadway Brat

    Abby starts the day off by asking the kids to leave the room. She scolds the mothers for their behaviour and welcomes th

    Ends Nov 25 2019