Top Wing S2
Top Wing S2
Top Wing S2
Top Wing is an action-adventure preschool series that follows a team of eager young birds training at the Top Wing Academy. More
Nov 09 2019
English, Mandarin
25 Minutes
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  • Top Wing S2E7 -Shirley\'s Nutty Vacation/Amazing Action Magazine
    Shirley's Nutty Vacation/Amazing Action Magazine

    The Cadets send stressed Shirley on a remote treetop cabin vacation when she accidently unmoors the cabin! // Baddy want

    Ends Nov 09 2019
  • Top Wing S2E6 -Trouble with Treegoats/Rhonda\'s Rockin\' Family Reunion
    Trouble with Treegoats/Rhonda's Rockin' Family Reunion

    The Cadets are put to the test as they babysit some rambunctious tree goats who can climb ANYTHING! // Rhonda's very BIG

    Ends Nov 08 2019
  • Top Wing S2E5 -Penny Rescues Survivor Bear/Penny\'s Jungle Adventure
    Penny Rescues Survivor Bear/Penny's Jungle Adventure

    Survivor Bear is headed UNDERWATER! Penny, and the rest of the team, have to rescue him using the HQ Command Flyer. // P

    Ends Nov 05 2019
  • Top Wing S2E4 -Top Wing Spring Fling/Dancing Daffodil Rescue
    Top Wing Spring Fling/Dancing Daffodil Rescue

    Spring means Commodore Smurkturkski gets a new little chick, but Sandy Stork loses the egg! // Big Swirl's amazing Danci

    Ends Nov 04 2019
  • Top Wing S2E3 -Top Wing Sting/Big Banana Break-In
    Top Wing Sting/Big Banana Break-In

    Rod's super-excited to sing at Rhonda's, until Chomps and Rocco take the piano. The Cadets must get the piano back! // M

    Ends Nov 03 2019
  • Top Wing S2E2 -Top Wing Rescues the Academy
    Top Wing Rescues the Academy

    The Cadets must pass Inspector Eagle-Eye's test or Speedy and Bea will be sent back to teacher's school! Team Top Wing a

    Ends Nov 02 2019
  • Top Wing S2E1 -Cheep, Chirp, and the Pirate\'s Treasure/Rod\'s amily Popcorn Party
    Cheep, Chirp, and the Pirate's Treasure/Rod's amily Popcorn Party

    Cap'n Dilly makes the chicks mini-pirates to find a treasure chest key. The Cadets rescue the chicks AND pirates! // Rod

    Ends Nov 01 2019