Fake Affair
Fake Affair
Fake Affair
Shoko lies to a man that she is married and decides to have an “affair” with him during her vacation. Will she be able to find true happiness? More
Dec 13 2019
60 Minutes
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  • Fake Affair E10

    After his brain tumor operation, Jo forgot about Shoko, but she took it as a chance to start a new relationship with Jo.

    Ends Dec 13 2019
  • Fake Affair E9

    2 months after the break-up, without knowing that Jo went to Spain for operation, Shoko was back to her usual lifestyle.

    Ends Dec 12 2019
  • Fake Affair E8

    Shoko texted Jo, saying that she’s really single, but Jo never replied. Meanwhile, Jo went to the seaside by himself.

    Ends Dec 06 2019
  • Fake Affair E7

    Shoko received a ring from Jo, yet she’s still stressed by not knowing his feelings. Jo was regretted about it too.

    Ends Dec 05 2019
  • Fake Affair E6

    Shoko wanted to confess about her lie but Jo suddenly collapsed. Jo asked the doctor to keep secret about his illness.

    Ends Nov 29 2019
  • Fake Affair E5

    Feeling frustrated, Jo mistakes that Shoko has a happy family when he sees her with her brother-in-law walking together.

    Ends Nov 28 2019
  • Fake Affair E4

    Shoko still hasn’t explained to Jo that she is actually single but they have scheduled to travel together on weekends.

    Ends Nov 22 2019