The Aquarium
The Aquarium
The Aquarium
It focuses on the care given to thousands of aquatic animals, the bond between animals and the staff and the stories about the animals who call the 10 million gallons of water at the aquarium home. More
Apr 12 2020
60 Minutes
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  • The Aquarium E7 -Penguins In Love
    Penguins In Love

    Two African penguins have been together for 25 years, but one is now having problems with his eyes. Plus, a piranha need

    Ends Apr 12 2020
  • The Aquarium E6 -Ophelia The Octopus
    Ophelia The Octopus

    Trainers get two rescued sea lions ready for eye surgery. Meanwhile, intelligent giant octopus, Ophelia, needs attention

    Ends Apr 05 2020
  • The Aquarium E5 -Toddler Sea Lion Scarlett
    Toddler Sea Lion Scarlett

    A sea otter is rushed to the health centre. Plus, the team are in Key Largo to help the coral restoration project and Sc

    Ends Mar 29 2020
  • The Aquarium E4 -Ready For The Jelly
    Ready For The Jelly

    A sweet beluga whale trains with staff to go on the "whale scale." Blacktip reef shark L2 is not eating normally and sta

    Ends Mar 21 2020
  • The Aquarium E3 -Otter Tale
    Otter Tale

    Beloved Asian small-clawed otter Pinkie has a recurring bloody nose, and the team goes to great lengths to find out what

    Ends Mar 14 2020
  • The Aquarium E2 -Seal The Deal
    Seal The Deal

    Staff work to train a trio of harbor seals to ride the elevator, with the only hiccup being a nervous seal named Floyd.

    Ends Mar 07 2020
  • The Aquarium E1 -Slimy Is The New Fuzzy
    Slimy Is The New Fuzzy

    The Georgia Aquarium sends a team to Cape Town, South Africa to help rehabilitate and release a group of African penguin

    Ends Feb 29 2020