Big Cat Tales
Big Cat Tales
Big Cat Tales
Follow the lives of lions, leopards and cheetahs of the Masai Mara in Kenya. Hosts, Jonathan and Angela Scott alongside Jackson Ole Looseyia, bring the intimate lives of these animals to the screen thanks to their unrivalled experience in the field. A journey of motherhood, survival and territorial battle with each character facing challenges of life on the African plains. More
Feb 02 2020
60 Minutes
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  • Big Cat Tales E5 -Survivors Of The Savanna
    Survivors Of The Savanna

    Rob puts his beloved K-9 partner to the test to ensure he's still up to the job, while Officer Chris tackles the start o

    Ends Feb 02 2020
  • Big Cat Tales E4 -Faces From The Shadows
    Faces From The Shadows

    The Marsh Pride are missing and must be found. A rare coalition of 5 male cheetahs has arrived. Bahati attempts to hunt

    Ends Jan 30 2020
  • Big Cat Tales E3 -Battle On The Plains
    Battle On The Plains

    The Marsh lionesses hunt an injured buffalo while Malaika meets her match in a battle with a large male impala.

    Ends Feb 27 2020
  • Big Cat Tales E2 -Danger In The Long Grass
    Danger In The Long Grass

    Malaika's persistence to nourish her young leads her to a dramatic wildebeest pursuit. Bahati reveals her cubs as Jonath

    Ends Feb 14 2020
  • Big Cat Tales E1 -Rebirth In The Mara
    Rebirth In The Mara

    The Marsh Pride have welcomed new cubs which they must protect from the encroaching buffalo herd. Malaika the cheetah is

    Ends Feb 13 2020