Unearthed S3
Unearthed S3
Unearthed S3
UNEARTHED decodes mysteries and combines scientific investigations with CGI animation to reveal the hidden secrets of iconic structures and monuments from around the globe - ancient and present day -- to discover how they were designed, built, used, and in some cases, lost and rediscovered. More
Nov 28 2019
60 Minutes
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  • Unearthed S3E10 -Titanic: The Last Secrets
    Titanic: The Last Secrets

    A cutting-edge investigation into the sinking of the Titanic reveals new discoveries that might finally explain the myst

    Ends Nov 28 2019
  • Unearthed S3E9 -Mystery of the Cursed Pyramid
    Mystery of the Cursed Pyramid

    Egypt's strange Bent Pyramid is one of the world's most mysterious ancient mega-structures, and new discoveries help exp

    Ends Nov 28 2019
  • Unearthed S3E8 -Pompeii\'s Doomsday Mummies
    Pompeii's Doomsday Mummies

    New discoveries at Pompeii's last unexplored area reveal the dark secrets of the doomsday event that destroyed it, and r

    Ends Nov 28 2019
  • Unearthed S3E7 -Lost World of Easter Island
    Lost World of Easter Island

    The mysterious statues of Easter Island were built by one of the world's strangest and most isolated civilizations, and

    Ends Nov 28 2019
  • Unearthed S3E6 -Wrath of Attila the Hun
    Wrath of Attila the Hun

    Attila the Hun was one of history's fiercest warriors, and new evidence reveals if his terror was responsible for the fa

    Ends Nov 28 2019
  • Unearthed S3E5 -Hunt for the Real Atlantis
    Hunt for the Real Atlantis

    A mysterious ruined city in Greece is the home of the mythical Labyrinth and the Minotaur, and its catastrophic downfall

    Ends Nov 28 2019
  • Unearthed S3E4 -Statue of Liberty: The New Secrets
    Statue of Liberty: The New Secrets

    The Statue of Liberty is the home to dark American mysteries, and today, experts are using the latest science and techno

    Ends Nov 28 2019
  • Unearthed S3E3 -Lost Pyramids of the Americas
    Lost Pyramids of the Americas

    At an ancient city lost in the desert for 5,000 years, experts uncover evidence of human sacrifice and strange rituals,

    Ends Nov 28 2019
  • Unearthed S3E2 -Viking City of the Dead
    Viking City of the Dead

    When a mysterious Viking fortress lost underground for over a thousand years is discovered, experts investigate its buri

    Ends Nov 28 2019
  • Unearthed S3E1 -Inca Apocalypse: The Dark Evidence
    Inca Apocalypse: The Dark Evidence

    The Inca capital of Cusco was said to be the site of untold gold and riches, and new discoveries at this mysterious site

    Ends Nov 28 2019