YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2
YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2
YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2
Keisuke gets caught up in weird and dangerous happenings involving monsters. Will he be able to protect his town? More
Sep 22 2019
30 Minutes
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  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E43 -Douketsu\'s Fiery Farewell
    Douketsu's Fiery Farewell

    The Soranaki virus transforms one's hatred into power. Douketsu senses that the virus is beginning to move faster.

    Ends Sep 22 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E42 -A Bitter Valentine
    A Bitter Valentine

    It is almost Valentine's Day but chocolates are being stolen from the cake shops and supermarkets of Sakura Town.

    Ends Sep 21 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E41 -The Bewitching Bunny Trap
    The Bewitching Bunny Trap

    It is Keisuke's turn to take care of the rabbits at school, and he can't wait to play with them!

    Ends Sep 20 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E40 -Look Back to See a Dark Knight
    Look Back to See a Dark Knight

    Natsume notices her classmate Nikaido seems afraid of a game called 'VR War Chronicles' and suspects something is amiss.

    Ends Sep 19 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E39 -The Candy Shop Horse-Man
    The Candy Shop Horse-Man

    While everyone else is busy with exams, Keisuke is given free reign of the Yo-kai detectives' hangout.

    Ends Sep 18 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E38 -Your Awaited One Approaches
    Your Awaited One Approaches

    It is New Year's Day and the fortune slips given out by Shirayuki Shrine in a neighbouring town are causing a stir.

    Ends Sep 15 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E37 -The Princess is There
    The Princess is There

    Shutendoji and Douketsu decide to steal Touma's sword and believe the swords are the key to awakening the Princess.

    Ends Sep 14 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E36 -Shadowside Christmas
    Shadowside Christmas

    Akinori plans a surprise party to celebrate Christmas and the one-year anniversary of the Yo-kai detective club.

    Ends Sep 13 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E35 -The Sobbing Ballet Shoes
    The Sobbing Ballet Shoes

    There is a rumour about a pair of ballet shoes forces the wearer into an unstoppable dancing frenzy.

    Ends Sep 12 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E34 -An All-Yo-kai Detective Squad
    An All-Yo-kai Detective Squad

    Micchi and Komajirou are arguing over who is the more senior member. Whisper gives them a suggestion to resolve this.

    Ends Sep 11 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E33 -Scatterbrain Satan Claus
    Scatterbrain Satan Claus

    With life finally back to normal, Natsume and the gang find a new post on the website

    Ends Sep 08 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E32 -Arachnia, Devourer of Life
    Arachnia, Devourer of Life

    Akinori and the others return safely from the Yo-kai world, only to find a supersized Arachnia awaiting them.

    Ends Sep 07 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E31 -A Fierce Battle! Suzaku VS Genbu
    A Fierce Battle! Suzaku VS Genbu

    Akinori and others set off in search of a fabled axe and head for the Palace of the Treasured Blade in the Yo-kai world.

    Ends Sep 06 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E30 -Ayame Falls
    Ayame Falls

    A photograph that Akinori takes of Ayame wins the grand prize in a photography contest and they go see it together.

    Ends Sep 05 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E29 -The Bloody Clover of Tragedy
    The Bloody Clover of Tragedy

    When Manami's friend is admitted to the hospital, Keisuke agrees to help her search for some four-leaf clovers.

    Ends Sep 04 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E28 -The Cursed AI Assistant
    The Cursed AI Assistant

    Sebas is a smartphone AI assistant with handy features. A report claims that there is another side to this assistant.

    Ends Sep 01 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E27 -The Wandering Komajirou
    The Wandering Komajirou

    Before becoming a Yo-kai, Komasan went by the name of Nobushige, and lived at Akinori's family shrine.

    Ends Aug 31 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E26 -The Demonic Swallowing Toilet
    The Demonic Swallowing Toilet

    Terry, a dog belonging to Keisuke's classmate Manami, has vanished from a public restroom while on a walk at the park.

    Ends Aug 30 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E25 -Farewell, Micchi
    Farewell, Micchi

    Micchi is trying to be Natsume's knight. However, all Natsume wants to do is go shopping with her friend.

    Ends Aug 29 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E24 -The Dreaming Hanaponcho
    The Dreaming Hanaponcho

    A boy went missing at a theme park. When he was finally found,

    Ends Aug 28 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E23 -The Dark Clinical Records of Doctor C
    The Dark Clinical Records of Doctor C

    The kids at school cannot stop talking about actor Ken Sakiyama, who has announced that he is going on a hiatus.

    Ends Aug 25 2019
  • YO-KAI WATCH Shadowside S2E22 -Touma and the Fragments of the Oni King
    Touma and the Fragments of the Oni King

    Touma suddenly collapses and loses consciousness. Natsume and the others notice an aura emanating from his body.

    Ends Aug 24 2019