MasterChef US S10
MasterChef US S10
MasterChef US S10
MasterChef season 10 is going to be bigger, bolder and more delicious. Gordon Ramsay, Aaron Sanchez and Joe Bastianich will put the latest group of contestants through a series of challenges. More
Sep 26 2019
Franc Roddam
50 Minutes
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  • MasterChef US (Express Version) S10E25 -The Finale - Pt. 2
    The Finale - Pt. 2

    The finale continues with the entree and dessert rounds, and ends with one home cook being crowned the MasterC

    Ends Sep 26 2019
  • MasterChef US (Express Version) S10E24 -The Finale - Pt. 1
    The Finale - Pt. 1

    The three finalists return home to work on a 3-course menu for the finale. After an intimate look into their

    Ends Sep 26 2019
  • MasterChef US S10E23 -London Calling - Pt. 2
    London Calling - Pt. 2

    The trip to London continues as the final four home cooks face off at a majestic, country estate, and cook for

    Ends Sep 18 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E22 -London Calling - Pt. 1
    London Calling - Pt. 1

    In a trip ten seasons in the making, the home cooks head to London to take over Gordon's flagship establishmen

    Ends Sep 11 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E21 -Family Reunion
    Family Reunion

    The home cooks' loved ones surprise them in the MasterChef kitchen! After a family themed challenge,

    Ends Sep 04 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E20 -One-Pan Wonder
    One-Pan Wonder

    Daphne Oz pays a visit to the MasterChef kitchen to demonstrate how to make a one-pot wonder and the home cook

    Ends Aug 28 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E19 -Pigging Out
    Pigging Out

    After a special guest visit from Marley the Pig, the contestants go hog wild when they're tasked to make

    Ends Aug 22 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E18 -Mind-Blowing Food
    Mind-Blowing Food

    Superstar chef, Grant Achatz, joins Gordon for a mind-blowing plating demo. The home cooks have to think

    Ends Aug 21 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E17 -Box in a Box in a Box
    Box in a Box in a Box

    The mystery deepens as the home cooks find a box within a box within a Mystery Box. Using the ingredients

    Ends Aug 15 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E16 -NASCAR - Finish Line Feed
    NASCAR - Finish Line Feed

    The top ten home cooks are off to the races! The two teams join the judges and racer, Bobby Lafonte,

    Ends Aug 14 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E15 -Small Dessert, Big Problems
    Small Dessert, Big Problems

    Sprinkles founder, Candace Nelson, joins the judges as the home cooks have to make macarons to survive

    Ends Aug 08 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E14 -Let Them Eat Cake
    Let Them Eat Cake

    Sweet week begins, and it's anything but a cakewalk, as the chefs face the greatest bake off in MasterChef his

    Ends Aug 07 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E13 -Someone\'s Toast
    Someone's Toast

    The seemingly simple becomes one of the toughest challenges of the season as the home cooks have to transform a humble,

    Ends Aug 01 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E12 -King of the Crabs
    King of the Crabs

    Gordon Ramsay breaks down an Alaskan king crab with a fellow culinary giant, special guest judge, Chef Morimoto.

    Ends Jul 31 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E11 -Backyard BBQ
    Backyard BBQ

    Things are heating up... on the MasterChef patio. To survive elimination, the home cooks face off in a beefy, barbecue

    Ends Jul 25 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E10 -Gerron\'s Wedding
    Gerron's Wedding

    Wedding bells are ringing inside the MasterChef Kitchen as Season 9 winner, Gerron Hurt, gets married by Gordon Ramsay.

    Ends Jul 24 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E9 -Tag Team, Tears & Tantrums
    Tag Team, Tears & Tantrums

    Elimination is on the line in the classic MasterChef Tag Team Challenge. Teams of two have to make an “Around the World”

    Ends Jul 18 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E8 -Joe Takes a Risk
    Joe Takes a Risk

    Joe puts his reputation on the line as two team captains go to his restaurant to learn its signature dishes. They then t

    Ends Jul 17 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E7 -Gordon Takes on a Tarte
    Gordon Takes on a Tarte

    The contestants arrive in the MasterChef kitchen ready to compete in another elimination challenge, in which they must

    Ends Jul 04 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E6 -Hot and Spicy
    Hot and Spicy

    The Top 17 home cooks compete in a high-pressure Mystery Box challenge, inspired by special guest Alessandra Ambrosio.

    Ends Jul 03 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E5 -The Blind Chicken Show
    The Blind Chicken Show

    The Top 18 battle it out for immunity in an epic team challenge. With only 45 minutes on the clock, the losing team has

    Ends Jun 27 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E4 -10th Season Pool Party!
    10th Season Pool Party!

    The Top 18 face their first team challenge in a MasterChef 10th anniversary-themed pool party. They will be dishing up p

    Ends Jun 26 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E3 -Gordon\'s Mystery Box
    Gordon's Mystery Box

    The competition kicks off for the Top 20 with a culinary boot camp to weed out the cooks from the chefs. Then, they face

    Ends Jun 19 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E2 -Auditions, Part 2 / The Battle Round
    Auditions, Part 2 / The Battle Round

    With only 8 aprons remaining in the audition rounds, the pressure is on as a select few will have to concoct a dish

    Ends Jun 12 2020
  • MasterChef US S10E1 -The Epic 10th Season Auditions, Part 1
    The Epic 10th Season Auditions, Part 1

    36 of America's finest home cooks are in hopes of making it into the Top 20. A special twist called the "Judges' Pass"

    Ends Jun 04 2020