Unearthed S2
Unearthed S2
Unearthed S2
UNEARTHED is a scientific investigation that reveals the hidden secrets of iconic buildings and monuments. We discover their ageless mysteries and the hidden engineering behind their creation: why they were built, how they were constructed, and how these buildings — and their builders — were lost to time. This season we will unlock countless mysteries from Stonehenge to King Tut. More
Oct 28 2019
60 Minutes
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  • Unearthed S2E12 -Lost City of the Desert
    Lost City of the Desert

    The ancient city of Petra, a city carved from desert rock, has baffled experts for decades. Now, new technologies resur

    Ends Oct 28 2019
  • Unearthed S2E11 -Lost World of the Colosseum
    Lost World of the Colosseum

    New evidence uncovers the ancient mysteries behind the iconic Colosseum. Archaeologists uncover the secret lives of the

    Ends Oct 28 2019
  • Unearthed S2E10 -Treasures of the Terracotta Army
    Treasures of the Terracotta Army

    The Terracotta Army is one of China's greatest treasures, but there are still dark secrets surrounding this super-tomb.

    Ends Oct 28 2019
  • Unearthed S2E9 -Hidden City of the Incas
    Hidden City of the Incas

    The lost city of Machu Picchu is one of the greatest mysteries in archaeology. Scientists do not know why this city in t

    Ends Oct 28 2019
  • Unearthed S2E8 -Sex, Lies, and the Taj Mahal
    Sex, Lies, and the Taj Mahal

    The Taj Mahal is one of the world's most beautiful monuments, but new investigations reveal its dark secrets. Scientists

    Ends Oct 28 2019
  • Unearthed S2E7 -Ghosts of Stonehenge
    Ghosts of Stonehenge

    Stonehenge is the ancient world's greatest wonder and biggest mystery. Now new discoveries are revealing its deepest and

    Ends Oct 28 2019
  • Unearthed S2E6 -Hunt for King Arthur\'s Castle
    Hunt for King Arthur's Castle

    A castle in Scotland could be the home of King Arthur's legendary Round Table. Scientists have made a gruesome discovery

    Ends Oct 28 2019
  • Unearthed S2E5 -Lost Temples of the Jungle
    Lost Temples of the Jungle

    New technologies reveal the startling truth behind the largest temple ever built, Angkor Wat. Accompany experts as they

    Ends Oct 28 2019
  • Unearthed S2E4 -Mystery of Egypt\'s Mega Temple
    Mystery of Egypt's Mega Temple

    The Egyptian mega-temple at Karnak was once the political powerbase of the ancient pharaohs and the home to strange rel

    Ends Oct 28 2019
  • Unearthed S2E3 -Curse of the Blood Pyramids
    Curse of the Blood Pyramids

    Giant pyramids at a strange site in Mexico are revealing the bloody secrets of a mysterious civilization that vanished 1

    Ends Oct 28 2019
  • Unearthed S2E2 -Secret History of the Sphinx
    Secret History of the Sphinx

    Recent forensic findings uncover the astonishing secrets of the world's most iconic monument, the great Sphinx at Giza.

    Ends Oct 28 2019
  • Unearthed S2E1 -Tut\'s Buried Secrets
    Tut's Buried Secrets

    New discoveries explore the dark secrets of Tutankhamun's tomb. Archaeologists are finally finding answers to its ancien

    Ends Oct 28 2019