Your Turn to Kill
Your Turn to Kill
Your Turn to Kill
A pair of newlyweds moved into a mansion and got involved into a chain-murder case started by an exchanging game. More
Oct 19 2019
60 Minutes
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  • Your Turn to Kill E17

    A trap is triggered and darts hit Uchiyama’s chest. A device beside shows a clip in which he tells some shocking things.

    Ends Oct 19 2019
  • Your Turn to Kill E16

    Kamiya is brutally killed. His heel cord is cut and his whole body is screwed and smiling like other victims.

    Ends Oct 12 2019
  • Your Turn to Kill E15

    Shota, Nikaidou and Minami protect Sora and capture Soichi and deliver him to the police. Sora then reunites with Sumika

    Ends Oct 05 2019
  • Your Turn to Kill E14

    Shota shouts out 6 names whose finger prints are found on a paper that has Yoko’s name on it to see their reactions.

    Ends Sep 28 2019
  • Your Turn to Kill E13

    Shini lets Kuon to escape from the police as they may be arrested for attacking Shota and suspicion of killing Hakamada.

    Ends Sep 14 2019
  • Your Turn to Kill E12

    Shota enters Kinoshita’s room where lots of data referring to the case are dispersed and finds some suspicious evidence.

    Ends Sep 07 2019
  • Your Turn to Kill E11

    Sanae is arrested for assaulting Nana. Shota goes to find the new resident in room 304 to help check on Nana’s computer.

    Ends Aug 31 2019
  • Your Turn to Kill -Special

    A touching special episode portraying the love story between Nana and Shota from the day they meet to their proposal.

    Ends Aug 24 2019