Body Bizarre S6
Body Bizarre S6
Body Bizarre S6
Body Bizarre introduces viewers to people with rare, mysterious medical conditions so uncommon that even top doctors and other experts don't know much about the anomalies.Each episode uncovers several cases from around the world, features personal interviews with afflicted individuals, and explains the science behind each condition. More
Nov 18 2019
60 Minutes
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  • Body Bizarre S6E10 -Joined At The Head
    Joined At The Head

    Juan Pedro, 33, from Mexico weighed 600kg and was the world's fattest man. An operation has reduced his weight to 370kg.

    Ends Nov 18 2019
  • Body Bizarre S6E9 -Balloon Man
    Balloon Man

    With a 30kg tumour on his leg, Indian Saidalvi, 47, has sought treatment in 9 hospitals. We join him as he visits his te

    Ends Nov 11 2019
  • Body Bizarre S6E8 -Boy Whose Eye Falls Out, The
    Boy Whose Eye Falls Out, The

    José, 50, from Brazil, lived normally until fatty growths developed on his chest and shoulders. Now he looks like he ha

    Ends Nov 04 2019
  • Body Bizarre S6E7 -Boy With No Eyes
    Boy With No Eyes

    Aged 17, Mahesh weighed 150kg, twice the weight of an average man, due to Prada Willi a syndrome that encourages constan

    Ends Oct 28 2019
  • Body Bizarre S6E6 -Allergic To Light
    Allergic To Light

    A 5kg bony tumour has destroyed Indian teen Amar's face. Can a surgeon remove it and restore his face without damaging

    Ends Oct 28 2019
  • Body Bizarre S6E5 -Boy With No Jaw
    Boy With No Jaw

    Brazilian Carlos, 43, had his hand torn apart in an accident. He expected amputation but an innovative doctor sews his m

    Ends Oct 28 2019
  • Body Bizarre S6E4 -The Teen Who Wants A Voice
    The Teen Who Wants A Voice

    Rebecca, 30, from the UK, vomits up to 12 times an hour and has been admitted to hospital 100 times in the last year. Ca

    Ends Oct 28 2019
  • Body Bizarre S6E3 -Dad With No Limbs
    Dad With No Limbs

    Alex from England was 33 when he suffered cold symptoms that rapidly led to septicaemia and the amputation of all four l

    Ends Oct 28 2019