MasterChef Junior US S7
MasterChef Junior US S7
MasterChef Junior US S7
Gordon Ramsay and Aarón Sánchez invite celebrities, their kids, and some fan-favorite alumni into the MasterChef Junior kitchen, where they show off their culinary skills in exciting contests for charity. More
Jun 11 2020
Franc Roddam
50 Minutes
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  • MasterChef Junior US S7E16 -The Finale, Part 2
    The Finale, Part 2

    Tonight, the final 3 must prepare restaurant quality three-course meals for the judges. In the end, the young home cook

    Ends Jun 11 2020
  • MasterChef Junior US S7E15 -The Finale, Part 1
    The Finale, Part 1

    The three most talented junior home cooks in America battle it out in the culinary showdown of the year – under the watc

    Ends Jun 11 2020
  • MasterChef Junior US S7E14 -The Road To The Finale
    The Road To The Finale

    Chef Gordon Ramsay looks back at his favorite moments from this season, and charts the extraordinary journey this talent

    Ends Jun 03 2020
  • MasterChef Junior US S7E13 -The Semi-Final
    The Semi-Final

    The remaining home cooks compete in a Mystery Box Challenge that's all about family. Using inspiration from their visiti

    Ends Jun 03 2020
  • MasterChef Junior US S7E12 -The Restaurant Takeover
    The Restaurant Takeover

    America’s Top 6 young home cooks face their most difficult field challenge yet: the daunting restaurant takeover. In two

    Ends May 27 2020
  • MasterChef Junior US S7E11 -Children of the Corn
    Children of the Corn

    The Top 8 home cooks tackle a Mystery Box using the number one ingredient in America: corn. They have one hour to prepar

    Ends May 20 2020
  • MasterChef Junior US S7E10 -Girl Power
    Girl Power

    The Top 10 participate in the season's most crucial team challenge when the MASTERCHEF JUNIOR restaurant opens its doors

    Ends May 13 2020
  • MasterChef Junior US S7E9 -Pasta Race
    Pasta Race

    The junior home cooks team up for a delicate, but high-speed pasta challenge. In teams of three, the young chefs compete

    Ends May 06 2020
  • MasterChef Junior US S7E8 -Kidz Bop Kitchen
    Kidz Bop Kitchen

    This week, the pint-sized cooks tackle a Mystery Box filled with ingredients handpicked by some very special guests, Kid

    Ends Apr 29 2020
  • MasterChef Junior US S7E7 -Camp MasterChef
    Camp MasterChef

    The Top 14 face a daunting team challenge – to prepare food for 51 campers. The two teams of seven will have to work tog

    Ends Apr 22 2020
  • MasterChef Junior US S7E6 -Quacking Under Pressure
    Quacking Under Pressure

    The Top 14 must get all their ducks in a row: after a watching a demo from

    Ends Apr 15 2020
  • MasterChef Junior US S7E5 -Something to Trifle With
    Something to Trifle With

    The Top 16 junior home cooks in America compete in a team challenge that's more than a trifle difficult.

    Ends Apr 08 2020
  • MasterChef Junior US S7E4 -Off the Hook
    Off the Hook

    The pressure is on for the remaining 18 young home cooks, who must debone an entire fish and make a MasterChef-worthy di

    Ends Apr 01 2020
  • MasterChef Junior US S7E3 -Under the Big Top
    Under the Big Top

    In the season's first big team challenge, the Top 20 junior home cooks test their leadership and communication skills in

    Ends Mar 25 2020
  • MasterChef Junior US S7E2 -Going Bananas
    Going Bananas

    The 22 remaining junior home cooks are divided into teams of four and face a speed and teamwork challenge to make as man

    Ends Mar 18 2020
  • MasterChef Junior US S7E1 -New Kids on the Block
    New Kids on the Block

    The Top 24 junior home cooks in America arrive in the MasterChef kitchen and are immediately put to the test to prove th

    Ends Mar 18 2020