Naked And Afraid XL S3
Naked And Afraid XL S3
Naked And Afraid XL S3
A group of the best survival experts in the world take on an un-survivable situation: 40 days. 40 nights. No food, water or clothes. To survive they’ll need to master the environment, pushing far beyond the breaking point. Will even one be able to finish? More
Oct 13 2019
60 Minutes
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  • Naked And Afraid XL S3E9 -All-Stars: Fight To The Finish
    All-Stars: Fight To The Finish

    To finish the challenge, the survivalists must complete a brutal extraction across deadly killing fields of lions, croco

    Ends Oct 13 2019
  • Naked And Afraid XL S3E8 -All-Stars: Feeding Frenzy
    All-Stars: Feeding Frenzy

    The survivalists embark on several dangerous hunts to secure protein and prepare for their arduous extraction on the hor

    Ends Oct 06 2019
  • Naked And Afraid XL S3E7 -All-Stars: Survivalists Vs. Predator
    All-Stars: Survivalists Vs. Predator

    Two survivalists scavenge a nearby leopard’s kill to get food. Matt Wright joins the other survivalists and causes a con

    Ends Sep 29 2019
  • Naked And Afraid XL S3E6 -All-Stars: Burn Notice
    All-Stars: Burn Notice

    A devastating injury and a vicious storm that destroys the survivalists' food supply threatens to tear apart the newly-m

    Ends Sep 22 2019
  • Naked And Afraid XL S3E5 -All-Stars: Dead Weight
    All-Stars: Dead Weight

    One camp enters the lion's den to hunt for big game. The other team bands together for a group hunt and ends up finding

    Ends Sep 15 2019
  • Naked And Afraid XL S3E4 -All-Stars: To Hail And Back
    All-Stars: To Hail And Back

    Freezing rainstorms torture the remaining survivalists, risking severe hypothermia. Plus, a successful hunt ends up back

    Ends Sep 08 2019
  • Naked And Afraid XL S3E3 -All-Stars: Africa Strikes Twice
    All-Stars: Africa Strikes Twice

    One survivalist takes a huge risk to secure a big kill for his team. Plus, torrential rain and plummeting temperatures f

    Ends Sep 01 2019
  • Naked And Afraid XL S3E2 -All-Stars: Africa Strikes First
    All-Stars: Africa Strikes First

    With food scarce, the other competitors hunt warthogs and impalas but as they track their prey, the survivalists are als

    Ends Aug 25 2019