Counting On S3
Counting On S3
Counting On S3
Counting On jumps right back in where things left off last season. The wedding of Joy Anna and Austin is rapidly approaching and it's all hands on deck. While Joy Anna and the girls take a trip to Kentucky in search of the perfect wedding dress, Austin somehow finds the time to renovate a house that will hopefully become the couple's dream home. More
Dec 24 2019
60 Minutes
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  • Counting On S3E21 -Thrift Store Date Night
    Thrift Store Date Night

    Three couples go on a thrift store date night and choose outfits for the partners to wear. With a small budget

    Ends Dec 24 2019
  • Counting On S3E20 -Birth-Day And A Birthday, A
    Birth-Day And A Birthday, A

    The pregnant sisters are reunited for a big family birthday. Joy goes into labour and after 20 hours, goes to

    Ends Dec 17 2019
  • Counting On S3E19 -Josiah Pops The Question
    Josiah Pops The Question

    Jinger and Jeremy have a trial run at parenthood, looking after kids for some friends. Josiah travels to Georg

    Ends Dec 10 2019
  • Counting On S3E18 -An Explosive Reveal
    An Explosive Reveal

    Jinger and Jeremy celebrate their first anniversary, and Jeremy has a very special surprise for her. Joe and K

    Ends Dec 03 2019
  • Counting On S3E17 -Jinger And Jeremy\'s Little Secret
    Jinger And Jeremy's Little Secret

    Jessa and Ben visit a creamery with the kids. Jinger and Jeremy make a trip to Arkansas for a photoshoot and have a surp

    Ends Nov 26 2019
  • Counting On S3E16 -Unexpected

    Newly-expectant parents, Joe and Kendra, check up on their baby. While visiting Jeremy's parents at a charity gala, he a

    Ends Nov 19 2019
  • Counting On S3E15 -Make Room For Baby
    Make Room For Baby

    Some concerns over diet are raised for Joy and Austin at their appointment with a midwife. In Laredo, Jinger and Jeremy

    Ends Nov 12 2019
  • Counting On S3E14 -It\'s All Greek To Me!
    It's All Greek To Me!

    Josiah asks Lauren Swanson to enter into a courtship, but will she say yes? Meanwhile, Joe and Kendra set off on their h

    Ends Nov 05 2019
  • Counting On S3E13 -Joseph\'s Wedding
    Joseph's Wedding

    The day has arrived for Joe and Kendra to get married with an exclusive first look at their wedding day. And, there migh

    Ends Oct 29 2019
  • Counting On S3E12 -Joe And Kendra Say I Do
    Joe And Kendra Say I Do

    The big day has finally arrived for Joe and Kendra to tie the knot! There’s laughter and tears as a few surprises ensure

    Ends Oct 22 2019
  • Counting On S3E11 -New Bundle Of Joy, A
    New Bundle Of Joy, A

    It’s time for Joe and Kendra’s joint bachelor and bachelorette party and they spend the day at the lake. Plus, Joy and A

    Ends Oct 15 2019
  • Counting On S3E10 -Kendra\'s Birthday Surprise
    Kendra's Birthday Surprise

    It’s Kendra’s birthday and to celebrate she goes to Kentucky to pick out her wedding dress. She’s upset she isn’t with J

    Ends Oct 08 2019
  • Counting On S3E9 -Spurgeon\'s First Haircut
    Spurgeon's First Haircut

    Joe and Kendra get started on wedding plans and pick out the groomsmen’s outfits. And after two years, Jessa and Ben fin

    Ends Oct 01 2019
  • Counting On S3E8 -Vuolos Buy A House, The
    Vuolos Buy A House, The

    The Duggar siblings help Jinger and Jeremey move into their new apartment. Plus, how well will Joy and Austin settle int

    Ends Sep 24 2019