Pat The Dog S1
Pat The Dog S1
Pat The Dog S1
"Pat the Dog", tells the daily adventures of an ordinary little dog, Pat, and his owner Lola. Pat would do anything to save Lola's day, overcoming the impossible with his improvised plans and canine genius. His missions are sometimes perilous, often surprising and, above all, constantly funny. More
Sep 30 2019
English / Mandarin
7 Minutes
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  • Pat The Dog S1E78 -Smoothie Party
    Smoothie Party

    Lola leaves the supermarket with all the ingredients for a super smoothie party. But disaster! She realizes she has forg

    Ends Sep 30 2019
  • Pat The Dog S1E77 -My Dog, the Hero
    My Dog, the Hero

    Lola has to write an essay on the theme "My Hero Pet." It's not easiest task in the world for her, she explains to Victo

    Ends Sep 30 2019
  • Pat The Dog S1E76 -The Cat Tree
    The Cat Tree

    Lola found herself a quite fun activity to occupy her afternoon. She will break a Guinness World record. To do so, she'l

    Ends Sep 30 2019
  • Pat The Dog S1E75 -Robopat

    Today is robot fight day! Lola's robot, who looks like Pat, will face Victor's. But the boy cheats and breaks Robopat. H

    Ends Sep 30 2019
  • Pat The Dog S1E74 -Piece of Cake
    Piece of Cake

    A renown pastry chef organizes a pie tasting contest. The first prize will get to present a TV show with him. Of course,

    Ends Sep 30 2019
  • Pat The Dog S1E73 -Iron Pat
    Iron Pat

    Lola's mother just received a new prototype of a food processor for testing. Even though Lola promises to wait till even

    Ends Sep 30 2019