Pat The Dog S1
Pat The Dog S1
Pat The Dog S1
"Pat the Dog", tells the daily adventures of an ordinary little dog, Pat, and his owner Lola. Pat would do anything to save Lola's day, overcoming the impossible with his improvised plans and canine genius. His missions are sometimes perilous, often surprising and, above all, constantly funny. More
Aug 31 2019
English / Mandarin
7 Minutes
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  • Pat The Dog S1E72 -Phantom of the Park
    Phantom of the Park

    Lola must play a violin solo during the big show tonight. Once she's on stage, Victor uses an accident as a pretext to m

    Ends Aug 31 2019
  • Pat The Dog S1E71 -Bird-Brain Buffet
    Bird-Brain Buffet

    Lola watches as an old lady gives food to the pigeons, and notices how the Guanos use their force to eat all the seeds.

    Ends Aug 31 2019
  • Pat The Dog S1E70 -No Rest for Pat
    No Rest for Pat

    Today Lola is spending the afternoon in the company of her old neighbor, Honorine. They are going to play some games, an

    Ends Aug 31 2019
  • Pat The Dog S1E69 -Sir Pat the Knight
    Sir Pat the Knight

    Lola and her friends are in the middle of a medieval role playing game. There's a treasure hidden in the bouncy castle:

    Ends Aug 31 2019
  • Pat The Dog S1E68 -Piñata Party
    Piñata Party

    Lola catches Victor, sad and alone in his garden. Tomorrow is his birthday and nothing is planned for the special day. T

    Ends Aug 31 2019
  • Pat The Dog S1E67 -Shooting Stars
    Shooting Stars

    Tonight, Lola is determined to see a shooting star and make a wish. In terms of wishes, our friends the Guanos only have

    Ends Aug 31 2019
  • Pat The Dog S1E66 -Crunching Numbers
    Crunching Numbers

    This morning Lola is feeling very anxious. She has a big test coming up in school and she's not feeling it. In

    Ends Jul 31 2019
  • Pat The Dog S1E65 -Player One
    Player One

    Lola and Victor are both fans of the game Galaktik dance. But they lack one card to unlock the very last level

    Ends Jul 31 2019
  • Pat The Dog S1E64 -The Interview
    The Interview

    Lola is about to get interviewed as the «Pet owner of the week» for a pet's magazine. But Victor is jealous, h

    Ends Jul 31 2019
  • Pat The Dog S1E63 -Disaster for Dinner
    Disaster for Dinner

    Lola wants to prepare a surprise dinner for her parents wedding anniversary, so she settles in the kitchen to

    Ends Jul 31 2019
  • Pat The Dog S1E62 -Fundraising for Furballs
    Fundraising for Furballs

    Lola and her friends organize a food drive for the city's kennel. But the food stock soon draws the attention

    Ends Jul 31 2019
  • Pat The Dog S1E61 -Face the Music
    Face the Music

    Lola is rehearsing the flute recital she must play this evening. A lady pigeon perches nearby to enjoy the flu

    Ends Jul 31 2019