Sunny Day S1
Sunny Day S1
Sunny Day S1
In this animated musical-comedy-adventure series, expert hairstylist Sunny uses her unique skills, positive attitude, and physical prowess to creatively solve problems and help friends in the colorful community of Friendly Falls. More
Oct 29 2019
English, Mandarin
25 Minutes
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  • Sunny Day S1E40 -The Royal Wedding
    The Royal Wedding

    Dominica and Annabella's prince Corgi, George, bonds with a spunky, scruffy stray named Ginger. The dogs are set for a r

    Ends Oct 29 2019
  • Sunny Day S1E39 -Three-Headed Rose
    Three-Headed Rose

    When Peter's prized flower wilts under Sunny, Rox, Blair, and Doodle's watch, they head to the woods to find another. Fl

    Ends Oct 28 2019
  • Sunny Day S1E38 -Jump

    Doodle puts on special jumping shoes meant for stunt-girl Felix the Fearless. Doodle has fun jumping all over town - unt

    Ends Oct 27 2019
  • Sunny Day S1E37 -A Berry Good Smell
    A Berry Good Smell

    Sunny and Doodle lead a search for a special berry-the ingredient to Dame Tralada's favorite shampoo. But when a bird, w

    Ends Oct 26 2019
  • Sunny Day S1E36 -Parlor Problems
    Parlor Problems

    Lacey and KC step in to manage the increasingly busy Pet Parlor, but lose track of Hannah's dog, Tutu. It's not long bef

    Ends Oct 25 2019